If Menopause Could Talk…

I’m sorry she kept you awake last night, tossing and turning. It was hot, wasn’t it?

I’m sorry she’s scared of her phone. Social Media used to be fun.

I’m sorry she’s yawning. She’s not bored, just dog tired.

I’m sorry she sent the wrong email. That’s not like her at all.

I’m sorry she got drunk last night. She shouldn’t drink white wine.

I’m sorry she cried in the cab. She used to be a happy drunk.

I’m sorry she was too hungover to move. She hates herself for wasting the day.

I’m sorry she forgot your mum’s birthday. It completely slipped her mind.

I’m sorry she bled on your car seat. She’ll pay to have it cleaned.

I’m sorry she needs the loo again. I know she went half an hour ago.

I’m sorry she’s snappy. Yes, she does still love you.

I’m sorry she’s breathing weirdly. She can’t seem to catch her breath.

I’m sorry she’s short tempered. You haven’t done anything wrong.

I’m sorry she’s not coming to your party. She knows she’d be fine when she got there.

I’m sorry she complains about getting fat. She must be more body positive.

I’m sorry she’s wasting your time, Doctor. No, she doesn’t want antidepressants. Yes, she does know she’s crying.

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