I’m glad you’re here.

Lisa Timoney Writes is an extension of my personality: I’m a compulsive over-sharer, often opinionated, always straight talking, but, I hope, funny, warm and welcoming.

I’m originally from Yorkshire but now live in London with my husband and two teenage daughters. I started my career teaching English and Drama and I now write novels about family drama.

My first book, Her Daughter’s Secret, was published by Avon in September 2022 and my second, Her Mother’s Lies, is out in January 2023.

You can order them from any bookshops, or follow the links below.

As I embrace my middle age I look at my life, my family and the bonkers world we live in and find I have a lot I want to say. Some of it I put in novels, the rest you’ll find here.

Have a root around. I hope you like what you find.



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